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05 January 2016 @ 03:11 am
[One-shot] Baking pleasures  
Title: Baking pleasures
Pairing: Junba
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters
Warnings: Graphic sexual content
Summary: Jun and Aiba have a comfortable arrangement that allows them to share some nice moments together. It’s all fun and games, but then, can#t love get in the way just too easily?

This is for: yukitsubute. I hope you will like it. :D

Jun sighed happily as he let his head rest on Aiba’s shoulder, inhaling his friend’s mild scent that was flavored with just a bit of cinnamon and gingerbread spices. They had been baking all afternoon, for friends and family. Aiba had asked for Jun’s help, since he is skilled with kitchen stuff and Jun had happily agreed, since baking together was more enjoyable than doing it by yourself and he had to get some baking done as well. He always sent small packages with treats to his family. And so they had appointed for their day off to meet at Jun’s place and get some baking done. They’d been very productive too, really. Vanilla crescents, cinnamon stars, chocolate hearts and even a very neat-looking set of meringue drops were the outcome of their efforts. They’d had a lot of fun in the process too, watching their work progress, tasting dough first from bowls, then from fingers, teasing each other with playful decoration of flour on shirts or hair or little spanks with spatulas.

Jun was really happy they were done, though. He was completely wiped out. After working together practically all day, they had settled down on Jun’s sofa with tea and a number of bakery goods that hadn’t turned out as beautiful as the rest and were currently watching an incredibly stupid drama. Jun enjoyed hanging out with Aiba a lot, it was so uncomplicated and relaxed, he didn’t have to think of Aiba as a guest in his house, he was more like family. He didn’t have to entertain Aiba either, they could just sit together without saying a word and things never got awkward. And then there were other things too that they could do and were a lot of fun. Jun smiled as he felt soft fingers touching his cheek, inviting him to look in Aiba’s direction rather than the TV. He turned is head happily and as he did the fingers on his face smoothed around his neck, his eyes closed automatically and then there was a pair of plush lips against his. Jun sighed in delight. Kissing was nice and they had established a rather nice routine.

They had been doing it for a while. He remembered how it had begun with them finding excuses for getting close like getting drunk, or feeling down. After a while they had stopped that façade, though, agreeing that they simply enjoyed being together like that. Jun smiled a bit as he recalled how nervous Aiba had been, when he’d tried to explain to Jun that he liked the kissing and that he had a soft spot for Jun too, but while he enjoyed a little bi-experience he didn’t want to give Jun any hopes of developing anything serious and that he wasn’t interested in having actual sex either. Jun was perfectly fine where he was, though. He had grown to enjoy their little “sessions” tremendously and had no desire of ending them, or pressing Aiba in any way. Random sex was something you could have only too easily, but finding a man who would hold you in his arms, kiss you softly and touch you just for the feel of it, that was a rare thing that he valued a lot. They had gone through a bit of petting on occasion and even pulled each other off, when things spontaneously got heated, but their intension was never release when they got together.

Aiba seemed to be quite touchy-feely at the moment. His thus far free hand wrapped around Jun’s form easily, slipping under Jun’s cardigan, while it remained respectfully over his shirt. Aiba smoothed up and down Jun’s back in soothing strokes as their kiss grew more intimate, lips opening and tongues meeting for delicate play. Warmth spread through Jun’s body, making it tingle. He wrapped an arm around Aiba’s form, grasping his shoulder to get a better angle. When it still didn’t feel quite right Jun decided to make things easier for them. In a quick movement he swung one leg over Aiba’s lap, straddling the man effectively and Aiba approved, moving both hands under Jun’s shirt now, while his lips detached from Jun’s in favor of a long, lean neck, which they started kissing and nipping enthusiastically.
“Mh, you’re very attentive today,” Jun purred.
“You taste too good,” Aiba answered. “Mh, coconut,” he marveled, licking over the skin of the junction of Jun’s shoulder.

Jun chuckled. He liked how attentive Aiba was. In return he enjoyed the long lean body the taller man provided, snuggling against it and rubbing Aiba’s back in light strokes. He moved under Aiba’s shirt experimentally, checking how daring Aiba felt. When he felt a hand playing with the buttons of his shirt he grinned and let the other open his shirt lazily. They kept making out for a while with relish, until at some point their movements and kisses grew slower, before they stopped again, leaving the two of them lying on the sofa, snuggled together.
At some point, Aiba turned his head towards Jun’s face again.
“Ne, Jun-chan,” he whispered.
“Hm?” Jun hummed, stroking Aiba’s small slowly.
“I… can I ask you something?” Aiba asked timidly.
“What is it?” Jun wanted to know.

“It’s a bit… well… maybe it’s a bit weird,” Aiba amended.
“It’s okay,” Jun assured him. “You can ask me anything.”
“Okay,” Aiba nodded against Jun’s chest. “You know, I like… well, this.”
Jun smiled gently. “Me too.”
“A-and it’s not about sex,” Aiba clarified. “But there’s something.”
“Well, what, then?” Jun asked.
“How does it feel?” Aiba asked softly.
Jun blinked at him. “Hm? How does what feel?”
Aiba blushed furiously. “Well, when… when someone’s… you know, inside you. How does it feel?”

Jun stared at the other man. “Wha- why are you asking me this?”
Aiba shrugged, averting his gaze. “I was just thinking,” he muttered, “because I really like everything we do together…”
“Are you saying you want to have sex?” Jun asked.
“When being honest, aren’t we already having sex? Aiba chuckled, nipping at Jun’s ear playfully.
“Well, in a way,” Jun admitted. “But you said that it’s not about sex.”
“It’s not,” Aiba assured him. “I just… I was thinking maybe it would also be good to share this.”
Jun pulled Aiba closer to his body, his nose rubbing affectionately against the other’s cheek.
“If you’re curious, I’m in,” Jun offered.
Aiba pulled back slightly, his eyes rounded out, making him look just the right amount between cute and fuckable.
“You would?” he asked.

Jun nodded, grinning at him. “I didn’t expect you’d want to do that kind of thing. I mean, you’re straight, or at least I thought you were…”
Aiba sighed slightly. “Why do we have to label everything?” he asked. “Why can’t we just enjoy the things that feel good?”
“It’s just that,” Jun muttered, “first you said you didn’t want any sex. But then… well, of course we were going there. And now you say you want to fuck. Does that mean maybe you want to make it permanent too some day?”
Aiba blushed slightly at that. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “I really like being with you. Being close to you feels good. Please don’t make me give you any promises now.”
“That’s not my intension,” Jun assured him. “But it’s good to know you’re reconsidering things. Because, just for the record, you’re a man I can absolutely fall for.”
“Really?” Aiba asked.
Jun nodded. “Absolutely. And if you want to go all the way, I’m all the way there with you.”
“Cool,” Aiba nodded. “So… do we… want to move to your bedroom?”

Jun shifted a bit. “Ah, tonight is not very good.”
“Why not?” Aiba asked.
“Well, for one, I’m not well-prepared,” Jun explained. “I need to… stock up. And don’t you think you’ll need to prepare yourself a bit as well?”
“I mean,” Jun clarified, “like cleaning yourself, for example. Inside and out.”
“I-inside?” Aiba blinked.
Jun nodded. “I would very much appreciate that.”
“Aw, but I really want to do it,” Aiba pouted.
Jun considered the other for a moment. Their intimate moments together were indeed nice. Plus, he hadn’t fucked well in… too long.
“Well, I guess I could go out and get everything,” he mused.
“Cool,” Aiba cheered.
“And I think I’ve got something that you need right here, actually,” Jun continued. “So, you can get ready while I’m out.”

He got up and moved towards one of the cupboards on the wall. He started rummaging in one of the drawers. After a while he drew out a small package and offered it to Aiba.
“Just read the instructions,” he advised. “Oh, and since I’ve had some bad experience concerning that: DON’T use it in the shower. It’s for the toilet.”
Aiba nodded at Jun, then he inspected the package curiously.
Jun smiled. “I’ll be back in a few.”
“Okay,” Aiba muttered absentmindedly, already reading the instructions.
Jun quickly rushed to the nearest drug store and got everything that they would need. He was lucky, since it was already pretty late there weren’t a lot of people out and just the face mask was enough to shield him from curious eyes. Jun felt how his heart started to beat faster as he made his way back to his apartment. He was wondering if Aiba would be waiting for him in his bedroom. Maybe he was naked already. Oh, a naked body, he hadn’t had that in a while. The last meters Jun found himself running, before rushing back up to his apartment.

“I’m back,” he announced cheerfully as he got in.
“Ah, Jun,” Aiba called back. “Listen, I… I used the toilet like you told me to, but… it got a bit messy.”
Jun stopped short for a second, then, with his eyebrows furrowed he moved to the bathroom. Upon opening its door he found Aiba standing there, naked from the waist down and the behind was definitely a sight. Then Jun saw what Aiba had meant before. Inexperienced as Aiba was he had messed around a bit during his cleaning efforts, but mainly there were just water splashes on the ground. Jun chuckled lightly.
“Well, pretty much what it looked like after my first go,” he joked. “That’s not a big deal, though. If it’s okay, I’ll give you something to clean it up.”
“That kind of ruins the mood, though,” Aiba muttered.
“I’m not moving on to the bedroom while the bathroom looks like this,” Jun insisted.
“I guess you’re right,” Aiba sighed. Then he grinned. “At least I’m definitely clean now. Sorry about this.”

“It’s fine,” Jun assured him. “Just clean it, please. Wait, I’ll get you a rag and a bucket. I’ll put in some cleaner for you too.”
“Thanks,” Aiba nodded.
“And then I’ll prepare something else that is definitely going to work in favor of the mood,” Jun promised with a wink.
Aiba perked up at that, looking eager. Jun grinned. The night was definitely going to be interesting. With practiced fingers he gathered together everything Aiba would need and handed the stuff to the man who was waiting for him in the bathroom.
“Okay,” Jun mused, “that should do. I’ll be waiting for you, then.”
“I’ll be right there,” Aiba promised.

Jun quickly left the bathroom, wanting to prepare everything they would be needing. More interruptions might be counter-productive, he decided. He quickly grabbed the items he had bought and brought them straight to his bedroom. As he placed everything on the nightstand, he grinned. Strawberry scented lube. For some reason he thought that Aiba would like that. And condoms, of course. Then he moved to his wardrobe, going through his underwear. A sexy look would definitely get things going. While he was still musing what would work best he already got rid of his shirt and jeans, arranging them neatly before discarding his socks to the floor right next to the bed. As he went through the opportunities again his eyes fell upon a pair of boxershorts that was slightly dramatic, but would probably work well for the occasion. He pulled the item out with a grin. The boxers had a dark grey basic color for the waistband, the hems and seams, while the “filling” material was of a violet color and just slightly transparent.
“Perfect,” Jun decided, putting the thing on and inspecting himself in the mirror.
It actually looked a bit over the top, but Jun found he had no time to reconsider his choice, because in that very moment Aiba came in, a towel wrapped around his waist.
“Hey, I thought that after cleaning the inside part and the bathroom, I should take care of the outside too. I took a towel, I hope that’s okay.”

As he spotted Jun in his “outfit”, he stopped short. His lips felt dry suddenly, so he licked them as he felt his face heating up, a blush spreading on it.
“Well, I guess it’s to your liking?” Jun grinned as he turned around fully.
Aiba gasped. Jun looked… a bit slutty, but absolutely arousing. The material of his boxershorts already gave away the major parts of his anatomy and the sight was definitely appealing.
“So, what… now?” Aiba asked, suddenly feeling wary.
Jun turned towards the bed and slowly got on, hands first, then with his hands and knees crawling over the bed and wiggling his ass suggestively. Then he flopped himself onto his side and patted the bed next to him.
“Why don’t we get comfortable?” Jun suggested.
Aiba was still insecure, fidgeting with his fingers nervously.
“Masaki,” Jun called him softly. “No need to get all worked up now. Just come here. Didn’t you say before that it’s okay to simply enjoy the things that feel good? So, why don’t we start there?”

That calmed Aiba quite some and he nodded, crawling onto the bed as well and positioning himself right next to Jun. They easily found a comfortable position, looking at each other as their hands started to give loving strokes to sides and abs. It felt almost too familiar.
“You look… really hot,” Aiba whispered, his cheeks turning a deeper shade of red.
Jun chuckled. “And you’re so not straight.”
He robbed closer to Aiba’s body, their forms rubbing together suggestively, letting them feel the beginnings of growing arousals. As they slid against each other Aiba closed his eyes, sighing in delight.
“Probably I’m not,” he mused. “But if being bi feels like this, I won’t mind at all.”
Jun chuckled at that. He leaned in for a kiss and Aiba answered readily, his arms easily sliding around Jun’s body, caressing his back softly before daringly moving to cover his ass. Jun hummed his approval, picking up the pace of their kiss. Aiba let him guide the movements of their lips, which Jun appreciated by letting himself be felt up entirely. Their tongues stroked each other eagerly as Aiba moved forward slightly, pressing against Jun and the latter easily gave way to let the taller man slide on top of him. Their lips parted and they looked at each other for a second. Aiba looked so incredibly cute, it was almost too much to want to fuck him. With a determined hand Jun gripped the towel around Aiba’s waist and ripped it away. Now, that was more like it. Naked. Raw. Horny.

It was Aiba chuckling now, thinking it was cute how eager Jun was. His lips easily attached to the younger man’s neck, giving soft nips and kisses, making Jun gasp just slightly. In fact, Jun felt so happy, for a second he thought about just spreading his legs and letting Aiba have him in that very moment, but then, maybe, just maybe they could do that kind of thing on another occasion. For the time being Jun enjoyed Aiba’s kisses and the way his hand rubbed over his enclosed member, making it grow harder and him more excited. Lips moved from his collarbone to his nipple, teasing it just a bit, before going all in, sucking on the nub, teeth biting it softly.
Jun groaned. It felt beyond good. His hips started to move against the hand that was stimulating him so vaguely, trying to get a bit more out of the contact. Jun’s hand moved to lovingly stroke through Aiba’s soft hair, caressing him and guiding him just slightly, showing him where Jun liked to be touched. And Aiba picked up what Jun showed him, kissing and licking his way all over his body, making Jun moan and twitch beneath him. When Aiba reached the waistband of the boxershorts, he stopped. His fingers were playing with it a bit, but Jun could feel the nervousness coming back. He grabbed Aiba’s arm and pulled the man face to face with him. He figured he must look quite flushed, because his face and even his neck felt positively hot, but Aiba only looked back at him with big eyes.

“You did your deeds, I think,” Jun smiled at him. “How about I do something to make you feel good?”
Aiba nodded eagerly, moving away from Jun just a bit and lying down on the bed next to him. Jun felt his form shiver just slightly as he slid on top of him. Why Aiba would get jumpy was beyond Jun, really. The other was about a head taller than him and could easily push him off, should he feel uncomfortable in any way.
“Relax,” Jun whispered. “It’ll be good,” he promised. “And if you don’t like anything that I do, you just tell me, okay?”
“Alright,” Aiba nodded.
“I’ll be careful.”
With that Jun gave Aiba one soft reassuring kiss. Then he started to give Aiba’s body the same treatment he had enjoyed earlier. His lips and fingers caressed Aiba’s body, enjoying its texture. While being thin, Aiba had a nicely toned body. Knowing from earlier experiences that Aiba was really touchy when it was about his scar, Jun avoided it and moved quickly to the man’s midsection. Jun’s left hand stroked up and down the older man’s thigh while his lips and tongue teased the navel of a quivering stomach.

“Uh, Jun,” Aiba sighed.
“Mh,” Jun hummed.
He shifted just a bit lower, licking along a lovely looking hip bone. When Jun pushed against Aiba’s legs, they spread for him almost too willingly and Jun grinned to himself. He made himself comfortable between the other’s legs as he grabbed the already half-hard dick in front of him. Aiba moaned at the contact, his hips bucking up involuntarily.
“J-Jun,” Aiba sighed. “Ah, will you… suck me?”
“Happily,” Jun offered.
While his hand kept stroking Aiba’s member lazily, he moved forward and began to lick the other’s balls, learning their texture. Foremost they were hairy, but while Jun preferred a smoother surface, he gave it his best to make the experience pleasant for his lover. After a few probing licks Jun started to mouth the sensitive testicles, sucking at them lightly every now and then. Aiba reacted to every single move, hitched breath, short gasps and little moans spurting Jun on. It was when a slightly faint
could be heard that Jun moved up the shaft and took the head of the by now fully swollen cock into his mouth.

He gave some experimental sucks and grinned inwardly when he saw fingers clawing the sheets tightly. His mouth was too occupied to mimic the sentiment on the outside as he continued on down the shaft, taking in as much as he could. There was no way he could take it all in, but his hand was still there, stroking what he wouldn’t be able to pleasure with his mouth. His head started bobbing up and down soon and he sucked with relish, which was rare for him, but Aiba’s reactions just wanted him to make the other moan and quiver even more. Jun’s efforts soon increased in pace and intensity, his cheeks hollowing out and the passage growing more sloppy, which was starting to cause sucking sounds that turned Aiba on even more. The taller man tried to start bucking his hips in earnest after some time, but Jun urged him to remain still, finding it uncomfortable to have too much flesh forced into his mouth. Aiba left off immediately, which Jun appreciated with a more intense stimulation of the head, moving up a bit so he could swirl his tongue around it properly.
“Fuck, Jun,” Aiba cursed, his hips bucking up again, once. “Ah, so good.”
Jun hummed around him, making him writhe even more.
“Okay,” Aiba gasped. “Stop there. I can’t… I won’t last.”

Jun pulled back slowly, giving some long soothing licks to the bouncing shaft before leaving it to rest against Aiba’s stomach. Naturally, Jun wasn’t quite done. The actual fun was just about to begin. His head moved further down, his lips now finding the soft flesh on the inside of Aiba’s thigh. It felt wonderfully smooth and the twitching of muscles his kisses caused gave him quite a thrill. He hadn’t expected Aiba to be so responsive. Jun was used to the man showing a lot of initiative during their sessions, but he found the rather submissive attitude a welcome change. Aiba allowed him everywhere on and around his body, accepting everything Jun had to give him, which was a very rare thing. Jun mused that it could well be due to Aiba’s lack of experience in the field, not knowing how he was “supposed” to react. For all Jun knew Aiba was acting an actual “girl” part in their play, but he didn’t mind and thus wouldn’t question the sentiment. His lips made their way closer to Aiba’s opening inch by inch, enjoying the smooth skin as well as the verbal encouragement he kept receiving. When he finally reached the tight muscle, it was already twitching and for a second Jun found himself overwhelmed by a rush of desire. How badly he wanted to bury himself in that hole and ride that wonderful, responsive body. But he knew he had to be patient, careful, so Aiba would enjoy it. He gave a first tentative lick to the sensitive area and Aiba reacted immediately, jumping slightly at the contact.

“Jun, wha- what are you doing?” Aiba gasped.
He sounded slightly embarrassed, which only made Jun want the man more.
“Making you loose,” Jun answered simply. “Relax and enjoy it.”
Aiba bit his lip hard as Jun went back to working his opening with his lips and tongue. He knew it should feel weird, he knew it was too obscene to enjoy it unreservedly, but damn, it just felt too incredibly good, he couldn’t muster the strength to even try to resist or feign reluctance. All he could do was to give himself to Jun fully, letting the man work him open. His body kept jerking as he felt Jun’s mouth doing the most incredible things to him. Sometimes that tongue would flatten against his opening, giving the most arousing pressure, sometimes a pair of swollen lips would wrap around the entire section and suck hard, then the tongue would come back and poke the hole repeatedly, the treatment continuing on and on until Aiba was a writhing, moaning mess and the muscle finally gave way, giving Jun’s tongue a first access.
“Ah,” Aiba called out.
That was a new feeling. Jun smoothed his hand up and down Aiba’s thigh, telling him everything was okay and soon enough the taller man relaxed again, learning that new way of stimulation. It was very intense, almost unpleasantly so, but after a few strokes Aiba learned to accept the intrusion. In fact, when Jun pulled back, Aiba found that he hadn’t gotten enough of the pleasurable experience.

“If you want it,” Jun said, moving back up to meet Aiba’s eyes, “I’ll prepare you now.”
Aiba blinked at him. “Ah… what have been doing until now, then?”
Jun grinned at him. “This was for you. But if we want to fuck, I’ll have to stretch you. I’ll do it carefully, but it’s more intense than just rimming. I think your hole can well take it, but I’m not going to make you, if you’re not sure.”
“I want it,” Aiba blurted out immediately. “I want you in me.”
Jun nodded at him and lifted himself completely from Aiba to grab for the lube he had placed on the nightstand.
“Better move onto your stomach,” he advised.
“Eh?” Aiba blinked. “Why?”
“Because it’ll be more comfortable for both of us that way,” Jun explained.
Aiba felt reluctant, though. “But… I want to see you,” he muttered.
Jun smiled at the other. “I understand. We can do it in any position you want. But for the stretching, it’s really easier to turn around.”

Aiba nodded, still wary, but moved to lie down onto his stomach.
“If you tuck up your knees, it’s easier,” Jun told him.
“You just want to stare at my butt,” Aiba accused the other.
Jun chuckled at that. “Well, I won’t claim it’s not a sight, but really, I just want you to be comfortable.”
“Okay, then,” Aiba decided.
He re-positioned himself, moving his knees forward, so they were almost level with his nipples and even lifted his ass up slightly.
“Like that okay?” he asked teasingly.
“Perfect,” Jun told him.
He stroked lovingly over the cheek that was presented to him so willingly, caressing it, appreciating the round form before giving one good slap to the underside, making Aiba yelp in surprise.
“What did you do that for?” Aiba demanded.
Jun chuckled. “Just checking if you like it intense. And to see your butt wobble.”

Upon opening the bottle of lube the scent of strawberries grew strong around them. Jun poured a bit onto his hand, rubbing it between his fingers a bit to warm it up.
“Mh, smells nice,” Aiba muttered.
“Glad you like it,” Jun told the other. “Now I hope you like the way it feels too.”
With that he smeared the liquid onto and around the hole, which reacted immediately to the contact, twitching as if in anticipation. After applying enough of the slick substance Jun poured some more onto his fingers, making sure they were well-covered. He placed the tube right next to him on the bed and then made to get to work. He fingered around the opening a bit, getting Aiba used to the new feeling. His first finger then slipped right in and Jun found close to no resistance. The warmth that welcomed him made him groan, his own desire flaring up again. He pushed his finger in several times, the tight ring of muscles hugging it smoothly whenever he made contact. With every single try he pushed in a bit deeper and soon he wiggled around the opening with a second finger, not pushing in right away, but massaging the opening, giving soft pressure, but not enough to force an entry.
“Ah, Jun,” Aiba sighed.
“Relax,” Jun whispered to him. “Let me in.”

As if those were some kind of magic words his finger suddenly slipped in, almost half way.
“Okay?” Jun asked immediately.
“Good,” Aiba moaned.
Jun could feel the muscles contracting repeatedly. He grinned.
“Oh, you like the stretch?”
Aiba merely hummed into the mattress as an answer.
“Well, that’s something I can work with,” Jun told him.
His fingers started to work in and out of Aiba’s body, which seemed just too welcoming, providing close to no resistance as Jun started to scissor his fingers, twisting them left and right, making the hole bigger with every movement and not a minute later a third finger was pounding into Aiba too, making the man on the bed shift his hips back against his working hand. Jun found the hole easily smooth enough for his cock, which was aching between Jun’s legs. As he pulled his fingers out of the taller man Aiba mewled needily, wanting the contact back. Jun quickly cleaned his hand on the sheets and then let his body slide over Aiba’s on the bed. He rested his crotch just on Aiba’s inviting butt, his chest covering the other man’s back and his lips finding their way to his ear, teasing the lobe softly before whispering to the man.

“You’re ready.”
“You’re damn right, I’m ready,” Aiba sighed. “But not like this.”
“I know,” Jun nodded.
He gave a soft kiss to Aiba’s shoulder blade before removing himself from the other man. It would have been a lie to claim that he hadn’t wanted to take Aiba like that, the man on his hands and knees in front of him as Jun pounded into him relentlessly, but he didn’t want to push Aiba into anything he didn’t feel comfortable with. So he pulled the man up. Then Jun gasped as Aiba turned around and flew at him, pressing against him so hard he pushed Jun back onto the bed with him on top of the smaller man again as he kissed him breathless. After recovering from the surprising move Jun hummed his approval, kissing Aiba back passionately, moving their bodies against each other insistently.
“Now,” Aiba gasped against Jun’s lips. “I… oh god, Jun, fuck me now.”
Their eyes met for a second and Jun nodded, moving his hands to straddle Aiba’s hips over his lap. Aiba blinked at him for a second, but when he felt Jun’s hard dick against the cheeks of his ass, he closed them, rubbing against the hard flesh.

“Masaki,” Jun gasped out. “The bottle.”
Aiba looked around the bed and found the bottle of lube, quickly handing it to the other.
Jun accepted the tube easily. “Condoms on the nightstand,” he muttered as he opened it.
Aiba looked at the items in question. “Really?” he asked. “Do we have to?”
Jun inspected him for a moment. “Don’t tell me you don’t use them.”
“Okay, nice,” Jun grinned. “But I don’t do bare. Plus, I doubt you want it up there, so…”
Aiba quickly fished one of the condoms from the nightstand and handed it to Jun.
“Thanks,” the younger man said, already ripping the wrapping.
With skilled fingers he applied the item before grabbing the lube and lathering himself up, stroking his dick just a bit to prepare himself for intrusion.
“Come here,” he then told Aiba, positioning his dick at the quivering entrance.

Aiba let him guide his body, relaxing himself, his hole twitching just slightly at the first contact with the head of Jun’s cock before slipping around it as he pushed his hips down.
Jun moaned loudly as he felt himself sliding into the other man’s body. Aiba had his eyes closed, trying the feeling, tightening his muscles just a bit before loosening them again.
“Fuck,” Jun cursed.
He tried hard to restrain himself and at least he could keep himself from just slamming into the man’s body wildly, but his hips pushed up insistently, forcing more of his member into Aiba’s body.
“Sorry,” he muttered even as he moved.
Aiba smiled softly at him, stroking over Jun’s chest. It hurt a bit, but altogether the intrusion was just overwhelming. Once Jun was nestled inside him completely their eyes locked again and Aiba stared at the man underneath him, mouth hanging slightly open, eyes just staring in wonder as he tried to comprehend the new feeling.
“I can feel you,” he whispered. “You’re… you’re in me.”
“You feel good,” Jun answered, stroking over Aiba’s hips softly. “Whenever you’re ready, just start moving.”

Aiba nodded at him. Then he closed his eyes, concentrating on his body. He wiggled his hips a bit, trying his options. When he started to shift up and down just a bit, his mouth opened again, a gasp escaping him. Jun watched in fascination as the other man discovered how to work himself on Jun’s cock, rocking back and forth on his lap, then lifting himself up again just a bit before pushing back down. He moaned lowly as his lust increased.
“Is it good?” Jun asked.
“Wonderful,” Aiba choked out. “Oh, Jun, I… I…”
“It’s okay, don’t hold back,” Jun offered.
Aiba nodded absentmindedly and Jun could feel how his movements grew more urgent, more demanding and he moaned in delight when Aiba allowed his movements against him, relieving some of the pent-up pressure. They found a good rhythm almost instantly and Jun thought that he hadn’t had such delightful sex in ages and he decided that he would not give up on it again easily.
“Masaki,” Jun sighed out. “So good…”
“Mh,” Aiba agreed, slamming himself down onto Jun’s hips almost forcefully.
His hips bucked backwards and as he moved, his eyes flew open as he felt his prostate getting an intense rub, a loud gasp escaping him.
“Oh my god, Jun,” Aiba moaned, repeating the motion.

He groaned with the raw pleasure of it. Jun chuckled lightly at the reaction, but soon found himself overwhelmed by the demanding man on top of him, who had both hands pressed firmly against his chest while his hips kept rocking himself back hard and fast so Jun’s dick would stimulate that wonderful spot inside of him that made his vision turn white.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Aiba repeated over and over as he drove himself towards his inevitable undoing.
Jun was forced into just lying there watching as Aiba worked their bodies so forcefully Jun would definitely have bruises on his hips the following day. And before he could even try to regain some ground and find his own release Aiba’s body began to twitch, his thighs shaking from both the pleasure and the exertion, but the need to release driving him further. And damn, he was a sight. The quivering body, the flush that had spread almost to his navel, the sparkling eyes that were growing wide…
“Ah, ah, ah…” Aiba’s voice grew whiny and high. “Uh… fu-fuck. What?! Oh god, I think I…”
“Ma-” Jun tried to address his lover, but Aiba was too far gone.

With a few more bucks against Jun’s dick, he started to come, his seed spurting out and staining Jun’s stomach in small drops and tiny puddles. His upper body straightened up involuntarily, his hands coming up, gripping his hair tightly, pulling at it roughly.
“Ah,” he screamed out, his body still trembling with his intense orgasm. “Uh, smack me,” he cried.
Aiba’s hips did not stop moving against Jun, riding it out to its fullest. Jun grinned, if a bit pained and have a good slap to Aiba’s ass.
“Fuck, yeah,” Aiba cursed.
Jun gave two more good slaps to the writhing buttock. With the last one his hand buried itself in the soft flesh, groping it, then smoothing over the angered skin.
“Hnnnnn,” Aiba sighed as he slowly came down from his high.
His body slid forward, resting against Jun’s again, his eyes closed in what could only be described as pure bliss.
“Ma-saki,” Jun pressed out. “Please, can I…?”

Aiba merely gave a weak nod against Jun’s shoulder and he couldn’t be entirely sure if the man had understood him right, but then, if he hadn’t he wouldn’t mind Jun just finishing – he most probably wouldn’t even notice. And so Jun shoved his hips deeper into the other man’s body again, finding his rhythm and trying to find his own release. After a few moments he felt Aiba’s body straightening a bit against his, holding itself in place so Jun cold move more easily. Jun’s hand found its way into Aiba’s hair, stroking it in appreciation.
“Hah,” Jun sighed.
His face was pressed against the crook of Aiba’s neck, the man’s scent heavy around him, arousing him further. Aiba’s walls had loosened around him, but they were still wonderfully slick and warm and they caressed him so intensely he too was close after just a few strokes.
“Masaki,” he whispered. “So good.”
“Mh, Jun,” Aiba mumbled.
Jun grabbed the taller man’s cheeks, pulling them apart as he slammed in with more vigor, his movements growing hurried and a bit off-rhythm.
“Close,” Jun gasped. “So close.”
“Then come,” Aiba breathed against his ear.

He wiggled his hips on Jun’s and it must have hurt, because he winced slightly, but it gave Jun that extra kick, feeling the body on top of him moving against him. His hips developed a mind of their own, thrusting into the tight cavern uncontrollably until they suddenly stilled, Jun’s back arching off the bed, shaking hands gripping and holding onto Aiba’s quivering hips as his orgasm hit him. His eyes were screwed shut, mouth gaping open as he enjoyed the twitching of his releasing dick. He moaned loudly as he felt himself shooting once, twice and when the main wave began to subside he drove himself in again hard, just a few times, riding the feeling out completely. When all the tension was fucked out of his body he relaxed on the bed, sighing in content.
“Masaki,” Jun mumbled, rubbing his nose against Aiba’s neck affectionately.
“Mh,” Aiba hummed.
His arms slid around Jun, squeezing him once.
“Jun, I’m really starting to hurt.”
“Right,” Jun muttered.

He moved carefully, detaching their bodies from each other. Aiba sighed slightly as Jun slid back out of his body. A small whine escaped him too. Jun wasn’t sure how to read that – Aiba might be hurting, or he might feel “empty”. Jun remembered only too well how weird it could feel to have a dick leaving your body after having sex. It didn’t really matter, though, Jun simply grabbed Aiba around the waist and pulled him flush against his body. It was his turn to whine a bit, because his member was still over-sensitive and reacted strongly to the contact. The feeling subsided, though, and soon they were lying together, cuddling and lazily stroking each other.
“So,” Jun mumbled after a while. “How does it feel?”
He could feel Aiba smile against his chest.
“Incredible,” came the muffled answer.
Jun felt a pair of lips softly kissing his chest and his fingers threaded into Aiba’s hair, stroking it lovingly.
“I’m glad you liked it,” he smiled.
“Mh,” Aiba agreed. “I liked it… a lot.”

They were silent again for a while. Then Aiba shifted in Jun’s arms, facing him again.
“I… I like you too… a lot…”
The blush on his face was almost too cute. Jun caressed his cheek softly, loving the way Aiba moved into the curve of his hand.
“Do you mean like… you want to be together?”
Aiba’s cheeks blushed furiously and he quickly averted his gaze, burying his face in the crook of Jun’s neck. Jun chuckled lightly.
“I like you too,” he whispered into Aiba’s ear. “A lot.”
Aiba remained silent and motionless for a moment. Then he moved to look at Jun again.
“Really?” he asked.

“Really,” Jun confirmed. “I was hoping you’d feel this way. I’m not going to lie… you are wonderful. In every way. The way you look at me, the way you hold my hand, the way you wrap your arms around me, the way you kiss me and this… this was… just wonderful. Masaki… do you mean it? Do you really have feelings that run deeper than, you know, being friends and… well, getting friendly on occasion?”
Aiba nodded at him. “When being honest, I’ve been having this tingly feeling for a while. I kept dismissing it as just stuff I was imagining, but really… There’s a reason I keep turning to you again and again. I never thought about if I could be bi, but well, when looking at this…”
“So, you’ll be mine?” Jun grinned.
Aiba nodded at him, grinning back.
“Yes, I want to be yours.”
They shared a slow and sensual kiss, one that was more like their earlier experiences and Jun’s heart jumped excitedly as he felt that even after having sex they still shared that other bond that went deeper than just bodily desires. Aiba was really special in oh so many ways and he decided he wanted to enjoy the man in every way he could imagine.


“This is unacceptable,” Sho raged.
“Sho-kun, calm down, please,” Ohno tried to intervene.
“No,” Sho demanded. “They can’t just… be so careless.”
“Dammit, Sho-kun, get that stick out that’s stuck up your ass,” Jun complained. “You’re just jealous because you’re not getting any.”
“I’d very much appreciate it if you left my love-life out of this,” Sho stated flatly. “It has nothing to do with the fact that you’re acting most unprofessionally.”
“It was just a kiss,” Jun argued.
“In public,” Sho shot out.
“It was in our dressing room,” Jun demanded. “It’s not like we got all cuddly and kissed up on stage – on no, wait, I forgot, that’s what gets the girls all cheery. Fucking hypocrites. If I want to kiss my boyfriend, I’ll do it without asking your permission first.”

“Guys, guys,” Ohno cut in. “We’re getting way too carried away with something as small as this.”
“And the cheering fans aren’t hypocrites,” Nino entered the discussion. “Those are the ones who wants pics and vids of us making out, so they are really creeps. It’s mainly our families and the people we’re working for who make it difficult for you to live unworriedly. Oh, and Sho-chan, of course, who can’t stomach two guys kissing.”
Sho glared at Nino, who, in return, grinned back at him.
“It’s not that,” Sho argued. “But if the wrong people see you… I’m worried for you guys too.”
“You don’t have to be aggressive, though,” Aiba pouted. “Jun was just being sweet.”
Sho sighed deeply. “Okay, I’m sorry,” he amended. “I didn’t want to be a dick. Just… please be more careful. I want you to be happy.”
Aiba flashed him the most cheerful smile, nodding enthusiastically.
“Okay, whatever,” Jun shrugged.
Sho nodded at him and with that the discussion was over. The atmosphere grew relaxed again almost immediately, but Jun just had to make a point and so he grabbed Aiba quickly and pressed a daring kiss on his lips.
“Dammit, Matsumoto,” Sho demanded, “stop being childish.” Jun hummed in relish, making Sho blush as he watched the scene. “I said stop it. Jun… I swear, next time you need help translating texts, I’ll make stuff up that will get you thrown out of the program you’re supposed to work on.”
Jun finally released Aiba, sticking out his tongue at Sho, which made Nino laugh so hard Ohno didn’t dare to laugh as well, hiding his amusement as best he could. Aiba chuckled lightly, but gave Sho an apologetic look.

“Oh, whatever,” Sho grumbled, leaving them to get his hair done.
“We should really find him a girl,” Jun mused, “then maybe he won’t get so worked up anymore.”
“I rather suggest a guy,” Nino stated flatly. All eyes turned towards him, but Nino only shrugged. “What – just because he’s acting all shocked doesn’t mean he’s not looking for it.”
“And you know this because…” Jun pressed.
Nino just grinned playfully. “You know, people get around, they see stuff, they know people, they tell stories…”
“Okay,” Ohno demanded, “tell us what you know. Now.”
“Nah, I don’t think so,” Nino teased. “It’s always good to have a cool story up your sleeve for a special occasion. Some other time, maybe,” he winked.


Finished. I hope you enjoyed it. Junba are always so cute together, I just love them. ^^

yukitsubute: JunBa 2yukitsubute on January 5th, 2016 07:14 pm (UTC)
Save my SPOT here!

I will come back later <3

Oh I looooveeeeees that <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thanks so much for writing this for me. I love cute Aiba and sweet Jun. And the most I love sweet-cute JunBa :D

They are so sweet when it's about their relationship, and I loved how they want to make the next step but they don't want to ruin something or are insecure about how to make it or if it's a good idea to make it. <3

Aiba is so sweet when he gets nervous <3

I am glad they made it all fluffy and did I mention cute? There was so much feeling between them and so many fluffiness ^^

I loved it, thanks dear for writing this for me, it really made the hard time I have right now better and shiny <3

Hugs to you!!!!!!

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Hikaru: Junba hugsyoru_no_hikaru on January 7th, 2016 12:31 am (UTC)
Aw, I'm so glad that you like it. :DDD
I was hoping that the fluffiness wouldn't get lost along the way, but I think they just wanted to take care of each otehr and I'm so ahppy I was able to get that across. ^^

They really are sweet togehter, Aiba being all cute and also shy, while Jun is a bit wary about a possible change in theri relationship, but I think he can see what might develop from it, so he decides to go for it.

I like how they develop their relationship bit by bit, even starting out by making excuses, then dropping the pretense later, getting more intimate and then Aiba wants to take that step as well. Junba always work so smoothly, so easily towards each other, it's always a joy to write them together. :D

I'm so happy that you enjoyed it. I'm glad I could make something that you like reading. I'm already looking forward to hte next Junba. I already have a new idea developing too. ^^ I'll tell oyu about it on Friday. ^^

HUGS!!!!! <3
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Aahh this is so great and I love all the little details and how it doesn't go perfectly but they have so much fun together. Thank you for sharing!!
Hikaru: Junba loveyoru_no_hikaru on January 7th, 2016 12:34 am (UTC)
I'm glad oyu like it. THank you for reading and for your comment. Well, these scenes rarely go smoothly when I write them, but then, aren't things like that a lot? ^^" And it's most important that they have fun together. And they do. XD
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Loving this! Thank you for sharing!
Hikaru: Aiba glassesyoru_no_hikaru on January 7th, 2016 12:34 am (UTC)
Thank you so much or your comment! Glad you like it. :D
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Thank you!) Junba is so cute!)
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Thank you for reading and also for yoru comment. Junba is <3